Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tapped In: Second Tour

We had a very successful second tour at Tapped In on Janaury 16 at 7 P.M..BJ did a wonderful job and the participants learned many things such as creating their own office and joining other groups.We had more than 30 people taking part of this second live event.We hope this tool can enhance your professioanl life and be aware that you need to take some time to explore it better. Please, write about your experience today and think about the possible uses for TI.

If you could not attend this session, you can read the chatlog on our wiki.


  1. Hi, everyone!
    BJ gave us a fabulous and very eye-opening tour this evening.
    For those of you who couldn't take part, do read the chatlog in the link above, because there's a lot to learn about TI.
    Thank you, BJ! It's always a pleasure to be in your tours, because there's always something new to learn and a lot to recap, especially for a non-regular member, such as me.

  2. It was my second group and my fourth (if I count my individual trips) tour.
    Before evaluating TI’s pedagogical opportunities teachers have to learn this wonderful campus itself.
    I have been amazed by the speed with which Dafne (I had misspelt the name several times, sorry!) Gonzalez (during our first group tour) and BJB reacted to the questions. If we imagine our students’ reactions are much quicker than their teachers’, then there might be a chaos.
    Then it is rather an intricate pattern of BJB and BJB2. When I got lost in leaving one Room and going to another, BJB reacted instantly. I didn’t notice the doubling of our magician guide! I followed the command ‘/join BJB2’ and it got OK again.
    So, first of all, teachers have to master the technology of TI, then organize their own offices.
    I haven’t taken part in many chats outside the TI. But I like TI because it is designed especially for educators, and there are native ‘speakers’. It is user-friendly because guests and members are met by the experienced volunteers to help. During my first tour they were BJB and JeffC. My Thanks to them!

  3. We are grateful to BJB for taking us around the TI tour and for the very professional explanations she gave us.
    Valentina, I also got lost several times last year and was overwhelmed by the speed with which everyone is reacting. My fingers get wet from excitement and I can hardly find the keys, follow what's being written in the chat window and at the same time follow the guide's instructions.

    For those who got lost or feel frustrated for not having been able to follow all the instructions and demos, besides the chatlog that Teresa was mentioning, I would like to advise you to attend this tour at your own choice. BJB gives regular tours, just look for the TI calendar and you'll see the difference.

  4. I had the feeling that I was for the first time in an airport, not knowing where to go and what to do. Fortunately, there were people to help!
    Thanks a lot!