Thursday, January 14, 2010

Potential uses of Tapped In

Hi Bawers,

Tapped In is a powerful educational tool.It´s a place for the ones that work in education to interact. It is also possible to have students interacting with their teachers via text-chat, files, whiteboard, links and discussions. How do you think Tapped In could be used as a pedagogical tool? Share your ideas!


  1. I've got a question about the whiteboard function. With the chat window and discussion list you already have the possibility to communicate both synchronously and asynchronously. So, is the whiteboard just sort of a graffiti wall on which students and teachers can make stray comments about the assignments or the weather? I suppose the SS could also ask questions about class work and/or help each other work on projects there. Also, maybe the T could leave instructions there for his students...he could even leave additional exercises on work down in class, I suppose. Another thing that comes to mind is using the whiteboard for posting errors made during a free-speaking session in the last class. Maybe the SS could then discuss possible corrections and/or improvements on the discussion list. That's all for now.

    Paul M.

  2. I use text-chat for student-based vocabulary discussions and learning. I asked students to read a text and then mark the vocab words they don't know and get ready for a Tapped In session. These sessions did not work well till I assigned a grade for collab and signing in. It worked! Students used their native language to solve vocab problems and they appreciated the chance to get extra help from other students and me (only occasionally). Those Ss who do not have computers or feel they do not need help with vocab (very few)had different graded online work (extensive reading, among other things) to earn the grade assigned to out-of-class activities. Because Ss like the tool and vocab is always a burden for the L2 reading learner, results were more than satisfactory and very good at times. See if this may work for your needs or if you could improve basics of the technique. Some Ss report vocab gains and appreciated learning to use a tool to study other materials.

  3. Hi colleagues and friends,
    After the TI tour last year at BAW09 I created my own office there - rather poorly furnished :-) and have revisited it several times but not in order to teach. Now that Isabel asked this question about potential pedagogical uses of TI, I was considering that the Chatlog is a potential evaluation record, however, in synchronous chat being correct is more challenging, and I do not mean here making typos.

  4. Dear collegues,
    I joined last Thursday TI session. I got familiar with it, but right now I have to find out all the great potential that it offers.
    Will work on it.


  5. I have used TI for different purposes:

    - give presentations for colleagues
    - have planning meetings with colleagues
    - carry out asynchronous discussions on the forums
    - share files with colleagues and students
    - have informal conversations with colleagues
    - have consulting hours with students

    I have used the whiteboard to write agendas for meetings, write the minutes of the meetings for everyone to see (you can file the content of the whiteboard on notes so it does not get lost. Visitors can leave messages for you, too. As someone pointed out, you can leave instructions for your students.

    Hope to "hear" more ideas :-)


  6. Thanks for all the great ideas! Different views bring different approaches and make the experience much richer.
    keep on participanting and sharing1

  7. True
    hope it i get more comfortable working with it!

    nice collection of educators and their resources here at tappedin!

  8. Hi,
    It is really nice place. I need to become a member to explore it. In fact, I got a bit dizzy with all the info, but after few minutes everything was fine. So, from the reception the any office I just had to check the floors, the rooms, the buildings. I think that the most challing thing to do is to find the right place to learn and interact because it has a lot of information.

  9. I like TappedIn and agree with all the possible uses it might have, but my biggest concern is that all students need to get an account in order to interact, and with 250 students as it is my case, I think it might get kind of out of control (they forget the password, need to learn how to use the website, etc.) Does anybody have experience using Tapped In with large numbers of teenage students? I´d be very interested in learning about that...