Thursday, January 14, 2010


Our first live session in BaW10 was held on Thursday, Jan. 14 at 2:00pm GMT, when our Baw coordinator Dafne Gonzalez gave us a great virtual tour of the Tapped In premises, replacing our guest guide BJ Birquist, who, due to objective reasons, could not attend.
Participants could visit the different offices and spaces, find out ways of enhancing and personalizing communication in this space and learn more about this excellent online workplace for educators all over the world. There were 35 people chatting during the one-hour session, so we would love to read your comments and impressions! Our warmest thanks to Daf for her availability to offer us a great tour and for giving BaWers and BaWers-to-be the opportunity to explore Tapped In. And thanks to everybody who was there and gave their contribution to a very successful live session!

If you could not attend, you can find more about this event at:


  1. Hi, everyone!
    I'd like to leave a big "bravo!!!" and job very well improvised and done to Daf.
    What a great time we had! And what a turnout!!!
    Continue enjoying!

  2. Yes, Daf did a great job, and it's much appreciated. As I was leaving the site, I figured out why I had difficulty "seeing" Daf's room in TI--in going from one page to another, I had somehow "lost" the main page so that all I had was my chat window.
    It's always so interesting to be in a live chat with so many people from around the world.
    If I can, I'll try the second session, too--I'm not sure what I might have missed at the end.

  3. Hi everyone!!!!

    I am really happy with the turn out of the session. Thanks for coming!!!!

    When giving a session at Tapped In, the best way to keep the pace with the participants is by having all what you are going to say written on a Word document and just copy and paste. However, since I had to do the tour on the spot, when we realized BJ was not going to show up, I had to improvise and work fast with the instructions for you to follow me. I would like to thank you for your great behavior which made my job easier.

    I suggest that if you can come to the session on Saturday you will be able to fill in the information gaps from today.

    warm hugs,


  4. Indeed, that was a wonderful tour. I continue to be so impressed by the collegiality and innovation of the BAW participants. Go webheads!

  5. Hi everyone

    As a participant of the first session, I wanna thank to Dafne. She did a great job and did her best. I think it was really difficult to control the tapped in chat. Anyway, we learned new things, I hope the number of the participants will increase.

    All my best


  6. Thank you all for the contributions. It was my first time there and I found it very exciting to learn new steps; felt like a child exploring a new toy.

  7. Hello everyone,
    It was a nice tour. Thanks a lot Dafne and Teresa for improvising the tour. Tapped in is really a nice platform for chatting.
    It was great to be there with all of you.

  8. Dear Dafne, Teresa, Anisoara and all,

    I liked a warm friendly atmosphere created by our coordinator and moderators. At the beginning we had a good chat among participants then Dafne started an exciting tour. Dear Dafne, thank you for your patience and encouragement while explaining. Unfortunately, I had to leave 20 min. earlier but I hope to join the next on Saturday.
    I hope BJ is fine. In fact I had a chance to chat with her in Tapped in. She gave me some guidance and orientation.


  9. Dear all,
    This tour of TappedIn was in a true webhead style: with an unexpected turn, in a pleasant working atmosphere, with a lot of people helping one another and learning together.
    Daf did a great job and proved once again that she is a great teacher, and we all learned a lot and had a lot of fun.
    I hope to be in TappedIn on Saturday and see you all again,

  10. I was unable to make the tour. Living down here on the sixth continent puts me a long way from GMT, so it is usually the middle of the night for me. The great thing was, i had followed your instructions to join Tapped In anyway, and a lovely young man named Jeff who was on the helpdesk coached me through parts of the site. I couldn't believe my eyes! What an amazing place! I am determined to return and look around more today. To my shame, the first thing I HAD to do was decorate my new office, but now that I've satisfied my girly side, I want to look at all the learning possibilities there for me.

    So if anyone else reading the blog can't make the tour(s), don't forget you can get help straight away at Tapped In, once you register and log in. You don't even need to do anything, just look down your page and you will see a little chat screen where the Help Desk person (always someone there - can you believe it!) will type to you and suggest things you can do. AND the help chat screen stays with you while you look around. How cool is that!

    I love BAW!

    (Susan, the Book Chook)

  11. Hi Daf,
    it was a wonderful lesson of online leadership.

    Participants chatted, learned and enjoyed in a friendly, relaxed chat.
    Thanks for being there, Daf and Tere

  12. Thank you for the tour! The moderators did a fantastic job, especially under the circumstances. I learned a lot! I'm not too sure of TappedIn as a tool only because I like having voice when I collaborate with others. This is just a learning preference. I'm excited, though, to learn more in the weeks ahead!

  13. Thanks very much to Daf for being so patient. The tour was very useful and opened my eyes to many new things.
    I also enjoyed the chance to chat with people from all over the world- that was a real buzz.
    I'm really looking forward to whatever week 2 has to offer.
    Thanks also to Anisoara for sorting out how to comment on this blog. You are all really helpful to all of us 'newbies'.

  14. It was indeed a very challengig live session, but thanks to our experienced coordinators we managed to have a pretty successful first live event. Participants seemed to enjoy the sharting and learning.Thanks Daf and all the participants making it possible

  15. Hi everybody :D

    I really liked the session. It was really interesting talking to so many people at the same time, learning together with you all. Daf was just great guiding us around. Tappedin seem to be a very interesting tool. Unfortunately I couldnt stay till the end and I wont be able to be on the next session...
    Thanks to everybody and cya around.

  16. I've moved this comment from the Welcome section.

    Today it has been my first tour to Tapped In.
    I saw the opportunities of the site.
    I have never imagined the written chat to be so informative.
    Daphna managed to teach the visitors some useful tricks. Though I followed carefully, I wasn’t always able to cope with some tasks, e.g., leaving the office.
    And Daphna’s office is really an office.
    I was shown one more type of the whiteboard. Before I’ve known the whiteboard as the interactive/smart board and the board for writing with markers.

    Pity that BJB didn’t appear. Yesterday (after the registration)I chatted with her a bit. I liked the humour.
    I’m so grateful to our moderators!
    Later on I’ll write some more.

  17. Hello everyone,
    Thank you, Dafne, for the improvised tour and the great demo of talented teachin, and thanks to all for the good atmosphere. From what I saw, I think Tapped In must be a great place for having an office where colleagues and students know they will find you, and if they don’t they can leave or read messages on the white board. It must also be great for short meetings with students and co-workers and I liked the PM function which allows you to have parallel talks and thoughts without disturbing the group. However, like Shelly, I missed the voice and more visual effects (emotes for example); that’s why, for a long meeting, I might choose some other facility. I hope I can make it to the next session to learn some more, about the file organization functions for instance. Once more, thousands thanks.

  18. My greetings to all who directly and indirectly contributed in making this session a success. I really enjoyed the tour and discovered things that I didn't know or even think about. Thanks to you all.

  19. Although I missed the live tour on Jan 14, and will miss the one tomorrow. I read the chat and it was quite easy to follow. This gives impression that TappedIn is quite useful to interact and makes e-learning more entertaining and hands-on.

  20. I couldn't attend tour 1 but I read the transcription. I already took note of all the tips + useful comments left by the attendees. I can say I feel ready to try Tapped In. I'm afraid I won't be able to attend the whole tour 2, but I'll practice. Good job, Dafne, and cheers to all the participants!
    Belkis Y

  21. Hi :)

    For my first time it was a great experience. Thank you Dafne for the great guided tour @TI.
    Waiting imaptiently for the next session.

  22. Thanks BJ, Daf, Teresa and all for Tapped In Tour. This is my second time since lats year - even I opened my office, but I never used it. Hope to start soon!