Thursday, January 21, 2010

Live Session with Michael Coghlan

We had a wonderful session with Michael Coghlan at yahoo messenger today. We did have some technical glitches. Some members (I myself included) were kicked out of the session and some could not get in despite several efforts from my part and other colleagues to bring them in.  However, this is also part of learning.
In the session Michael  discussed the use of synchronous and asynchronous chat tools for teaching after briefly reviewing its historical context. During the presentation he got participants involved asking them to talk about their experience and their context. He also went a bit beyond the tools we have covered so far and talked a bit about other communication tools that are presently making and impact in the way we communicate and teach.
 It was a very lively session. Everyone participated asking questions or giving valuable contributions through text or voice chat. The grand finale came with Michael singing the Webheads Theme Song . For information on participants, chat log, and slides to the presentation, please visit our wiki page . We have recorded the session and will also make it available for those who could not be present or would like to listen to it once more.
We would love to know your impressions and opinions about the session through your comments on this blog.
Jose Antonio and Larissa
Moderators of Week 2


  1. It has been really magnificent!
    There were twenty+ teachers. It was a pity that some were trying to get connected, but all was in vain!
    I was lucky to participate from the trial part to the end with the song. Live online presentation is an unusual thing for me, that is why I am so excited.
    After that I watched and listened to one more Michael’s presentation on his ideas on Twitter and Yammer. There I met a quotation about time we need to reflect. Time! Time! Time! So many ideas, so much to think, and such a lot to introduce into teaching!
    And I even managed to discuss many things with several BAW10 friends (I think I can call so some of my Yahoo Group mates?!)
    I have tried only mini-conferences before. I never imagined how our dear moderators could cope with the whole procedure. Michael’s tempo was perfect.
    Hooray to the BAW10!

  2. Dear BaWers,
    I want to share my experience during Michael's session.
    I could join Michael's live sessions today. Since I didn't want to miss a thing, I had decided to record the text and voice chat as well using a software I had just installed. But I couldn't understand what Michael said because his voice went up and down all the way. I tried to grasp what was being said by reading and interpreting the chatlog. Unfortunately, what I could gather was very little. Then, towards the end of the session, when I'd already said goodbye, I stopped the recording and suddenly listened to Michael playing the guitar and singing. Conclusion, the program I was using to record the chat was interferring with the audio. Al least, I could listen to a bit of Michael and the moderators. MORAL: Test before using a new software and let the experts do their job. It was my own fault, Teresa, but thanks for posting everything. I'll do my homework and read and listen to the presentation.


    Belkis Yanes

  3. Dear Valentina and Belkis

    Lucky you are. I envy you much. It is nice you attended the session. I attended it last year and it was my first experience with YM. Technology, technology - what can I say? Nothing. Thanks Teresa for recording - thanks the God to save one for us!!!!

  4. I really enjoyed Michael's presentation today. It was a new thing for me to use Messenger and the internet at the same time. I am sorry that not everyone had the same positive experience. I was left with some good ideas to try out and some expert advice from the guest speaker. Thank you for organising this.

  5. I enjoyed listening to the recording from Michael's presentation that I missed today. Thanks Teresa for giving us this opportunity. What I found there is the information about Hotseat at Purdue University. The research team I am involved in now. We are collecting data now. I am attending the classes where Hotseat is being used. It is a great tool and I agree with Michael that it is great for in and out collaborative microdiscussions. Professors use Hotseat differently, but students prefer using Hotseat to ask questions or read other students comments.

    Thank you,
    Larissa, co-moderator week 2

  6. Hi, Larissa!
    I'd love to hear something more about the Hotseat experience you're having. :-)
    Glad the recording is intact!
    Hugs all, Teresa

  7. Hi, my dear Teresa

    It would be great pleasure to share with you my experience with Hotseat. One thing I want to mention is we have more than 20 classes using Hotseat this semester - and of course, more data collection and analysis soon! But it is fun indeed.


  8. I came home during my lunch break to be part of the online YM session and it was the first time I used this online tool for educational purposes. This kind of sessions, show me that distance learning becomes more widespread and this is great, as not everyone can afford going abroad for an international exchange. You can sit at home and learn through online interaction. I learned about Whiteboards and other internet tools, so thank you for this nice session!

  9. Dear Michael,

    I am a fan of yours since day 1, as a presenter, as a troubadour and as a human being.

    Thanks for coming back to BaW every year :-)



  10. Michael's session was wonderful. I could participate of the session and I had the chance to get to know more about several sync and async tools. The song at the end was also great!

  11. Excellent presentation! I took notes. I loved the song at the end. Thanks for offering the audio and slides!