Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Graham Stanley's Live Session

Graham Stanley is an experienced teacher specialising in English as a foreign language and particularly interested in using technology with language learners ,especially blogs , video , podcasting and other emerging web tools such as Secondlife , twitter and others .Graham gave BAW 2010 Tuesday January 27 , 2010 , a rich and entertaining live session entitled "Microblogging in Twitter " at Webheads Vroom at illuminate .He talked about different aspects of twitter , its main features and its possible implementation in ELT .Graham used great slides in his presenatation which started at 9:00 GMT and lasted for an hour .Graham's live session was a real success to be added to the rich tradition of Webheads.

If you could not attend the session, please visit the page created for this session or just watch the session recording :


  1. Hi, Graham!
    Thank you for another great and eye-opening presentation, full of fabulous ideas and very lively and colorful slides.
    I'll definitely have to become a regular twitterer!
    For those of you who didn't have the chance to be in the live event, do listen to the recording and leave your comments. Same goes for those who were there. Thirty some participants. Great turnout!
    Hugs, Teresa

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  3. Graham, I loved the presentation and I fully enjoyed it while tweeting about it. At the same time, Nergiz RTed one of my tweets :-)

    The range of diffusion of a tweet is incredible, no wonder it is being used by many people to advertise their product, no matter the field.

    It is also being used to raise funds for the Haiti catastrophe.

    Since I try to be concise in my writing, I love the limited number of characters in Twitter. However, for those who like to write more, there is Twitlonger and Jumbotweet.

    Thanks for being with us again!!!!



  4. Thank you Graham for posting the review in the blog.
    Here are some comments from members that appeared in the group:
    I was delighted to be able to attend the presentation on Twitter. Graham
    gave me food for thought. I hadn't seen the educational uses which he
    suggested. The idea of using it for networking with other educators is also
    good. How he manages to follow more than 2,000 people I can't imagine!
    Sue Annan
    Hi Sharon:

    As someone who is not into Twitter and who couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about, I found the presentation very interesting. I was amazed at Graham's ability to manage such a large number contacts. I get the impression that many people are using Twitter the same way they use Facebook--lots of short posts about what they're doing at the moment. I find it hard keeping track of even a small number of "friends". However, I have to admit that there seems to be something of a generational gap there--the younger generation (the digital natives) seem to let it all hang out--my generation (their parents and definitely digital immigrants) seem to contribute only when there is something meaningful to say, and their posts are usually longer.

    All that being said, I'm always looking for ways that I might implement new tools into my own teaching arsenal, and because of the immediacy of Twitter (I work in a totally asynchronous environment), I can't quite see an application. Perhaps someone else has experience of totally asynchronous and can set me straight if I'm just not getting it;-)

    At least I now know why this particular technology probably won't work for me. And kudos to Graham for managing everything he seems to do.

    Veronica Baig
    It's way past my bedtime, but I had to listen first - and I'm well into this now-or-never aspect of these tools so I'm afraid I'm here before the blog post is up - to say it was really great of Graham to give us such a great "starter's guide"
    I have very little hope of following any of the sessions live - but the just slightly out of sync method is the second best !
    Hope you get lots of useful comments for your study Sharon all the best

  5. Each Live Session is getting more and more exciting!
    At this session I was not active because of the midnight in my time zone, but I was following Graham’s lecture on Twitter. My great concern is connected with Internet safety, especially when 13 – 15-year –old school children are involved in this process. Though I realize that there are options to ‘switch off’ stalkers.
    I decided to create a Twitter account and see for myself the advantages and disadvantages of this hugely popular movement.
    I like the possibility for the teachers to try different platforms for Live Sessions. Each has its peculiarities and I had to get used to them. I remember my confusion when I was reading numerous ‘Yes’ while I was asking ‘Can you hear me well?’. My reaction was not brilliant. Only dear coordinator’s explanation helped me understand the mistake.
    Thank you, dear moderators and coordinators for your energy spent (not wasted!)on us!
    Thank you, Graham! I have read your articles, but never expected to hear you live!

  6. Dear Valentina,
    Re: your comment above, "Thank you, dear moderators and coordinators for your energy spent (not wasted!)on us!", I can only say that "energy not wasted" is the reason why we're still here 7 years later.
    If we thought our energy was being "spent and wasted", I'm sure we would have stopped sometime back. It's your enthusiasm, commitment, end products and "change" in your attitudes and teaching that motivate us and keep us going! :-)
    Thank "you"!
    Hugs, Teresa

  7. Hi everyone,
    I think Graham's session was fantastic. I enjoyed every aspec of it. The slide show was superb as also were the ideas he shared.
    I have been using twitter for some time for professional development and watching his presentation (I had to leave in the middle of it, but later listened to the recording) gave me some more ideas on how to use twitter with my students.
    So, it was really profitable for me and I am sure for many others who are familiar with this great tool or not.
    Thanks a lot to Graham, week 3 moderators Mbarek and Sharon, to Teresa and Dafne, and finally to all participants for making this so enjoyable.

  8. I guess I still have the Twitter account I created some time ago, but after I saw weird names following me I got 'scared' and never came back, besides I thought that even now e-life beats my real life in many aspects, how about if I take to microblogging?.
    However, Graham's presentation was reassuring and convincing about Twitter's benefits for professional development - I especially liked the comparison he made (or metaphor?) of Twitter being like our "getting into the teachers' room, ", exchanging opinions, getting resources, but what happens when we're not there doesn't matter. What seemed like an invasion of Tweets (very suggestive pic!) can be eventually turned to one's own profit!
    I also learnt that Twitter for students should be approached with a similar care with which all activities that take place in the public place should be approached.

    Thanks Graham, thanks Mbarek and Sharon for such an interesting presentation

  9. Dear Graham,

    Thank you a lot for introducing me into the world of Twitter. I'm quite new in this e-world and I think that using Twitter for professional development is wonderful. I believe that having the possibility of being in contact with other people and learning from their experiences is something really valuable and we have to take advantage of this. Thanks to technology!!!!
    I really enjoyed your presentation and learnt new things.

  10. Dear Graham ,
    I was thrilled to follow your live presentation and I was even more thrilled and honored to introduce you to BAW 2010 audience last Tuesday .No matter what I said on your behalf was not enough to describe your experience , expertise and commitment to the integration of ICT in ELT .For me it was a starting point to discover your wonders .
    I have been using twitter for a short time though I had a twitter account for a year .But your presentation helped me very much to get an insight into this magic communication tool called twitter .As for security issues discussed at the end of the presentation , being carefully selective and using fliters available in some twitter clients such as tweetdeck can partly protect users from potentially inappropriate content .
    Thank you Graham for your valuable presentation and kudos to Daf , Teresa and Sharon who were vigilent to make this event a memorable success

  11. Hello everybody!

    Busy week. I could only check Graham's recording yesterday... I'm still little late with things but I will try to catch up this week. Graham's session was great. I have a twitter account but don't use it quite often. Only now I can "see" the amount of things I can do with it in terms of teaching. Thanks Graham for your sharing!!!
    Sheila :)