Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rubena St. Louis on Materials Creation

Today, we had another successful live event with Rubena St. Louis at the Webheads Elluminate virtual room in Learning Times. 

Rubena is a professor at Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela.

Her presentation was about the different aspects that need to be considered in order to create meaningful and motivating materials for  our students. 

In her theory-to-praxis approach, Rubena explained the bases that should be taken into account when designing materials:

After her illuminating presentation, Rubena answered all the questions posed by the participants

If you missed this presentation or would like to go back to it, please check our session page at:  and you will find the link to the recording.

Congratulations Rubena, and thanks to all the attendees for your active participation :-)


  1. Thanks again Rubena for your enlightening presentation :-)


  2. Dear Rubena,
    Very motivating and eye-opening presentation, as always! < applauds enthusiastically! >
    Thank you on behalf of the BaW10 Team and all BaWers. :-)
    Hugs, Teresa

  3. One more brilliant Live Session!
    I was taking some notes while I was listening to Rubena. Of course, I knew that I would be able to use the recording. But I must say that I got completely involved into Rubena’s lecture and behaved as if I were Rubena’s student.
    I was reminded of necessity of some theory for teachers. Our dear professor made me think why and how teachers create exercises. She compared ‘digital natives’ and ‘digital immigrants’. Rubena touched upon learning objectives of teachers and of learners. I agree that it is rather difficult to create authentic tasks. Authenticity is what is offered to modern learners.
    I liked the way Rubena had put everything together: objectives, input, tasks and tools. We were offered three - designed by Rubena examples - from her students’ wiki and Ning.
    The participants were also taking part in the Session Chat. Sometimes I managed to follow both lecture and chat, but it was rather hard, though the rest of the listeners felt at ease. There were several Larissa’s, Belkis’s proposals and exact remarks of other teachers.
    Thank you, Rubena! Thank you, Venezuela! Thank you, dear moderators and our dear coordinators!
    Will wonders never cease?

  4. Thanks to everyone involved in putting together this presentation for BAW. Rubena was an extremely clear speaker with a very logical and informative manner. I enjoyed her explanantions and also the asides from the other participants in the chatroom. It is worth revisiting the recording. Thanks again to the moderators and Rubena for an excellent session.

  5. Wonderful, to say the very least. I have just finished with the recording since I could not attend the live session. I have, as always, learned loads and I'm looking forward to putting the ideas into practice soon.
    You guys are simply the best!

  6. Hello BaWers!

    Excellent presentation Rubena! It was like to be in one your face to face classes AWESOME!. I have to say that Rubena has been my teacher at the Master Program and she's an expert in Language Teaching Material. I really enjoyed her presentation, the way that she used the images during her speech were so unique and interesting that I could recall one of her classes. I didn't know anything about those tools she mentioned, I think that my students would enjoyed my classes if I had used them, but never it's to late. I will start to use them as soon as I can. Thanks to BAW for another great presentation. Congrats!

    Rubena Keep it up!

  7. Rubena, I really enjoyed your presentation and many things you mentioned, reminded me of what we were taught at the Teachers Training College and I don't know why I haven't put them into practice for long. Your presentation made me reflect on the way I teach nowadays and I have to say that I'm missing some things so I really thank you for enlightening my teaching.

    Gabriela Crocilla

  8. Dear Rubena,

    I must bow to such an enlightening and illustrative presentation. It helped me link the theory with the practice in creating learning materials with web tools. I took notes while listening and chatting and, as Vale said, it was not easy to follow the presentation closely, but I'll listen to the recording and go over it for more details. I remember you saying that we must take into account what, how and why when we design for digital natives and immigrants. I find these two terms very interestin. Among your tips, you recommended creating a learning style inventory from surveys given to students before,during and at the end of the course. I think this is a very good idea when teaching in a classroom, on line and offline as well. Thanks for your contribution and congratulations to all participants and moderators!

  9. Rubena,
    I am very impressed, not only by your content but in that you taught us via your example of how a master teacher teaches. I gained a lot from your presentation. Thank you, and thank you to all who helped make this presentation the success that it was.