Friday, February 5, 2010

Live session on Alado

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we had our 2nd live session for week 4. We were delighted with Andy Pincon's presentation on Alado and about the community programs.

Not only did we confirm once again how amazing his sessions are, but also it was interesting to see how he manages Alado as a virtual room.

The presentation looked at many things including efforts to improve digital literacy, access to computers, and the recycling of computers. We were joined by a variety of speakers from different projects. The most amazing surprise was when Andy's daughter, Gaby, made a presentation about her school. As a skilled Alado moderator she wont the respect and admiration of our BaW audience.

To see a recording of the session please visit:

And our session page is here:

Thanks again to Andy and his speakers, also thanks to all our participants as well as our lovely coordinators Teresa and Dafne.

And we would love to hear your comments on this online learning platform.

Best wishes
Evelyn Izquierdo and Kat Urbaniak
Week 4 co-moderators


  1. Here are some comments I made yesterday in a message to the list.

    Dear Andy,

    "The most wonderful and "special" surprise - I hope all the others who contributed forgive me -was to have a second-generation BaWer and first-ever "digital native" - your lovely daughter Gabriela/Gaby - tell us about her online schooling experience and sometimes comparing it to her traditional school. What a thrill it was to listen to her sweet voice in such an "at ease" manner! What else could we expect from someone who was born into these tools?! And her excitement at being "moderator" was touching.

    Another big surprise was to have the collaboration of your wife, Debra (is that how it's spellt, based on the pronunciation I heard?). Thank you!

    Thank you to all the other collaborators. You're involved in fabulous volunteer projects. Kudos to you all!

    Finally, and once again,"thank you", Andy, for everything you've done for Daf, me and the different BaW teams and participants since 2004! :-)"

    Hugs all, Teresa

  2. First of all, I'd like to thank Andy, the Baw10 team (organizers, moderatoras and collaborators)and all participants for such a wonderful session. I was lucky to attend this wonderful presentation. Gaby's impressive testimony as well as the other guests (Victor, Fernando, and Elvia) were very encouraging. I found very interesting and useful the idea of training people to recycle and refurbish computers and servers. (Perhaps soem can tell me what to d with my old printer (an Epson 440 Stylus). (lol) I liked the idea of training the community and giving a chance to senior citizens. There were new terms for me like virtual schooling as well as digital native and digital workforce. It is a fact that virtual learning has finally come to stay!

  3. Our second Week 4 Live Session has become a success too!
    I like the idea of several presenters. Andy, Debra, Gaby, Victor, Elvia, Fernando and Melinda demonstrated the Alado Classroom. I noticed that Andy’s team (besides the above mentioned!) had been helping him a lot. Their reaction was brilliant. As I understood they had spoken from different parts of the USA. Thank you all!
    I think all participants have enjoyed Gaby’s work as a moderator and as a presenter! It has been surprising to hear the kid’s voice! We have learned about some peculiarities of the USA education.
    We were shown that Alado is used not only for language learning. The Virtual Classroom can be a necessary part of a complex structure.
    The main presenter is to be a good organizer to connect with everybody and make them one team during the session. Andy is great!

  4. Your presentation was excellent. I have to say that I was really impressed with Gaby, such an expert, uh? It was good to have the opportunity to listen a little girl talking about her experience with these online resources. Definitely, Alado gives us the chance of interacting with a lot of people besides of letting us to communicate with our voices, text chat, presentations and even pictures. Nice presentation. Thanks to Alado’s team and our moderators!!!


  5. Fantastic presentation. I was so glad to know that there are people who really make the difference. The kind of work they do in order to provide other people with equipment (refurbished computers) and at the same time think of reusing and saving our planet is very interesting. What was an upmost in my opinion was the participation of Andy’s daughter, Gabriela, who is so young and manages the tools so well.
    Congrats to everybody!!!


  6. My favorite part was Gabby's perspective!