Saturday, February 6, 2010

Live session on Elluminate

Dear Bawers,
Last Friday, we had the great pleasure of having our third and last live session for Baw10-Week 4. Our guest speaker was Jonathan Finkelstein, the founder and President of LearningTimes, LLC and Executive Producer of The LearningTimes Network. Jonathan delighted us with an outstanding presentation and gave us bright ideas on how to use the Elluminate Virtual Room. It was not only a very pedagogical and interesting presentation, but also very fun. All attendees had the opportunity to interact by using the mic, writing on the chat box, using the board tools and much more. Below you can see some screeshots of this unique presentation.

Rocks Vs. Cats

If you couln't attend the session, don't worry, the chatlog is available on the Week-4 wiki page and the recording will be added soon.

What do you think about Elluminate? What are the benefits of using these VLE? You are cordially invited to leave your comments here.

Best wishes,

Kat Urbaniak and Evelyn Izquierdo

Week 4 - Comods


  1. Our third Week 4 Live Session has turned out to be a great success!
    I am happy that I managed to run (fortunately, it wasn’t far from my home) along the slippery snowy road and to join the Live Session! The very atmosphere on Live Sessions has helped me to feel the mood of the presenters, comoderators , coordinators and participants, that’s why I am so eager to join synchronously.
    Jonathan is a great presenter! He introduced different aspects of Elluminate possibilities through funny activities. He involved all of us. There were teams, captains, presenters, painters, etc. Tatiana K. was perfect in reading fast the misspelt jumbled text, which demonstrated the ideas of the participant’s emotional state, readiness to work or collaborate. The rock versus cat as a pet choice guided us through the opportunities of a debate in the Elluminate VCR. I guess that the participants have got used to learning actively in the Virtual Classrooms. This time I was able to whisper bravely a question about the pet rock.
    Three – WiZiQ, Alado and Elluminate - virtual classrooms seem to be almost the same. But it is the learner’s opinion. I think there are differences in administration. I remember the Alado team member mentioning the direct video streaming of YouTube. The best thing is that the ELT teacher can teach English in the natural environment.

  2. Wonderful session about the Elluminate. We could listen to some of the people from our group, we could show our feelings towards what was being told, we could collaborate with some feelings in written form, we even had a debate in the session. Jonathan could show some of the tools we can use from Elluminate and practical uses of that in class. It was excellent!